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Adult Developmental Health (ADH)

The goal of health care for patients with developmental disabilities is to improve their well-being, function, and participation in family and community. It is not always necessary or desirable to try to change a person's traits and characteristics to make them appear or behave more normally. The distinction between the medical, neurodiversity, and social models has important implications for medical care.

Welcome to the Adult Developmental Home (ADH) Division! 

Sweetwater Care is excited to announce the opening of a new State Contracted Division in our line of service options for Arizona citizens! Our new Adult Developmental Home (ADH) program offers a licensed provider to render 24-hour care and services to our members in a residential setting. These services include room and board, habilitation, and provide appropriate personal care. 


Healthy Comfort

 ADH members live with a host family in their own room while sharing his/her life experiences with the host family’s life experiences. The members placed in Developmental Homes come from a wide range of disabilities, medical conditions, and/or behavioral issues.

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