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“ABA is a well-developed scientific discipline among the helping professions that focuses on the analysis, design, implementation, and evaluation of social and other environmental modifications to produce meaningful changes in human behavior. ABA includes the use of direct observation, measurement, and functional analysis of the relations between environment and behavior. ABA uses changes in environmental events, including antecedent stimuli and consequences to produce practical and significant changes in behavior” (Behavior Analyst Certification Board, 2014).

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Comprehensive ABA

Comprehensive ABA Treatment is a specific service model referring to the treatment of several affected developmental domains. These domains include developmental skills related to social skills, adaptive functioning, communication as well as behavior. Through this service model, maladaptive behaviors, as well as skill acquisition programs, are targeted.

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Focused ABA

Focused ABA is a specific service model referring to treatment involving maladaptive behavior reduction while teaching appropriate, alternative behavior(s). Focused ABA Treatment is ideal for individuals that require support with essential functional skills or acute problem behavior.

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